Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Front Door Color

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Front Door Color

  • Jennifer Cosgrove
  • 10/31/22

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Front Door Color


It’s time to get rid of the bright yellow color your family chose over a decade ago. Why? Because it’s 2022, and now that you know it can affect the way buyers see your house, you want to make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of your front door color! In this article, I’ll explain what color psychology is, why it matters in real estate, and how to choose the right front door color so that you get the most bang for your buck with every real estate dollar you spend on improving your home before putting it up for sale.


Home Entrance Colors

Color theory is one way to increase the value of your home. Well-thought-out paint colors can make a good impression, and some colors do better in certain situations. For example, lighter colors should be used for warmer climates and darker colors should be used for colder climates. If you are prepping your house for sale, choosing a neutral color will help potential buyers see themselves living in the home instead of just viewing it as an object on display. To get the most out of your home, you should consider how colors affect us both physically and psychologically. Choosing paint colors with our senses in mind will keep the mood light and fresh while still maximizing curb appeal! 

Let’s face it: home entrance colors have a big impact on how we feel about homes. With so many options at our disposal, however, picking the right ones can seem daunting. But luckily there are some rules of thumb that we can follow when picking the perfect front door color for our personal needs.   Below I discuss how color affects us both physically and psychologically, and how this has helped me choose my current front door color.

Each person has their own psychological response to different colors—a red room might remind them of their wedding day or Christmas morning whereas a blue room might remind them of their favorite beach trip or bike ride through the park. The type of home you live in also matters. It's important to pay attention not only to what your eye tells you but also to how your body feels. When deciding on the perfect front door color, ask yourself what feeling you want people walking up to your home to experience.

According to Feng Shui, white symbolizes purity and peace; black signifies protection; brown represents Earth energy; green is associated with nature and growth; red denotes love, passion, warmth, and romance; pink promotes joyfulness. Although Feng Shui was originally practiced primarily by Eastern people who were more familiar with how these colors interact in nature than those of Western culture who primarily dealt with gray tones, it may be worth considering if you're having trouble choosing a great shade of exterior paint.


Choosing a Door Color

Picking the perfect front door color for our personal needs is easier said than done. For instance, a bright red front door would be a horrible choice for someone who lives in the country and wants their property to feel cozy. Conversely, a person who lives in an urban area with many neighbors might not want their home to stand out from the crowd. 

So what's the best way to pick a color? I recommend thinking about your location, style preferences, and personality when making this decision. If you have a specific feeling or style you are trying to convey, ask a designer or do some research on which colors would align with that goal. For instance, if you are looking for something calming, you may try a soft blue color. Or, if you have a bold style and want something that will stand out, an orange might suit your style.

However, keep in mind that it shouldn't clash with the exterior colors of the home. Be sure to consider all surrounding areas when picking your front door color. Also, some neighborhoods require that homes adhere to certain standards. Others may provide incentives for homeowners to beautify their lawns and exteriors. Choosing a front door color that conforms with these guidelines could increase the value of your home - as well as make you happy!


What Color Adds the Most Value to a Home?

Are you looking to sell your home and wondering if the front door color might affect your home value? Zillow recently did a study where they gave all their participants pictures of houses to look at and all that was different on the first page was the color of the door to the house. Everything else was the same. The data collected yielded some interesting and helpful results.

What they found out was slate blue, could add about $1,500 to the value of your house. But forget about pink, because that's going to lower the price of your house by about $6,500. The best color was black, which added $6,500 to the value of the house, based on all the options that these participants were given. So if you're looking to sell and get the most value out of your home, a black front door might do the trick. The reason why is that it's something so rare in today's society. Black goes with everything! Even if you're painting your trim white and adding pops of color elsewhere on the exterior, darkening up your door will make a world of difference.


Why Does the Color of Your Front Door Matter?

Many homeowners may not realize it, but the color of your front door can affect the curb appeal and value of your home. It comes back to a point that I've talked about over and over again. Curb appeal is huge. It makes a huge difference, especially when you're going to sell your house. If you would love to have a lime green door while you're living there, excellent. But maybe when you go to sell it, you might want to think about turning it into a color that is going to be appealing to those who come to see it. Believe it or not, people drive by your house and decide if they're going to come and see just by a drive-by. So talk to your realtor about different ideas on how to maximize your curb appeal. And don't forget, black doors get you all the money.

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