Why We Started Greenwich Bay Brokers in Rhode Island

Why We Started Greenwich Bay Brokers in Rhode Island

  • Sean O'Leary
  • 11/13/22

For 10 years I moved to and practiced law in New York City, which was wonderful. I distinctly remember one of my first days going to New York City, which was 1999, at the tender age of 25. A partner in my law firm, who later became a good friend of mine said, "Wait a minute, you moved from Rhode Island to New York?" And I thought, of course, I did. This is where I belong. In the Big Bad city practicing law at a high level, which I got to do. But he said, "Do you understand we're all here, working so hard so that we can retire and go to a place like Rhode Island," which I didn't quite get then. But about 10 years later, when it came time to think about bringing up children of my own and thinking about my own upbringing in and around Rhode Island and the water, I thought that it would be a pretty nice place to bring up a family. And for the last almost 13 years now I've been back here. We have our office right on Greenwich Bay and we live right near Greenwich Bay, just down from the east Greenwich waterfront. When it came time to name our brokerage seven years ago, there was no better name.

A Great Location

We are very excited to have been able to come home and offer our services in Greenwich Bay Rhode Island. Our office is located on the beautiful bay, with views of all three bridges and the Newport Bridge in the distance. It's a great location for anyone looking to purchase a business or home in Rhode Island. The town has a strong community feel, with many local businesses and restaurants to enjoy. 
We wanted to come home as well-we grew up in South County Rhode Island-so it was really important that we could offer our clients that same experience. Coming home offered so much more than just proximity. There are plenty of jobs available here and we can take advantage of the many benefits offered by being here, like taking a picnic on one of the many beaches or visiting one of the many wonderful restaurants nearby.

Here in Rhode Island, so many of us have our life defined in many ways, by our access to and enjoyment of the waterfront. Narragansett Bay is such an essential part of our state, as well as Rhode Island and Block Island sounds. And we all enjoy the water here in Rhode Island so much, myself included. Growing up just a stone's throw from here in West Warwick, Greenwich Bay was really minutes away. I spent a lot of my time on Greenwich Bay. I learned how to sail on Greenwich Bay. Ironically, that's where our office is currently located. And after growing up and then having a little bit more freedom, the swimming lessons that my mother took me to (thank you, mom) at the Kent County YMCA paid off because then I was a lifeguard down in Narragansett. I was going to college in Boston, but I was able to spend my summers in Narragansett, which was really the best of all worlds. I was, of course, drawn after college to come back here to Rhode Island and go to law school, on the water. It was only natural that after spending so much time in the city, I would return and start my own business and grow a family here. 

A Growing Industry

The real estate industry in Rhode Island was growing, and we wanted to be a part of it. With the number of people moving to the state increasing annually, it seemed like the perfect place for us to start our company.  Additionally, there are many schools and universities around Rhode Island that are always looking for good opportunities to hire new graduates.  Our local hospitals have been thriving with all the recent growth, too. Rhode Island's government has created an extremely attractive environment for business development. As one of only four states without a personal income tax, this helps make Rhode Island's economy stronger. And although not every person can benefit from being outside the New York City metropolitan area, those who do, enjoy lower housing prices as well as more property options than they would find on Long Island or upstate New York. In addition to these benefits, Rhode Island offers beautiful beaches and recreation areas such as Block Island, which attracts people from all over the Northeast.

The Right Time

When I thought about raising a family, Rhode Island seemed like the perfect place. There are good schools and it's close enough to Boston that we can take the train there when we want to do some shopping. New York City is close enough to visit as well.  The East Coast has something for everyone; from culture to arts, food, and nightlife. It was an easy decision to move here. 

In our line of work, there’s so much demand on us at all hours of the day, so having a network of friends and family nearby is really important. Not to mention beautiful places to spend some time relaxing and having quality time together.  Exploring the natural world is what drew me to this area originally and now I feel like we get to experience that every single day. For all those reasons, I knew it was time to open up our own business in this great city.

The Right Team

I think that whenever you have a company, a group endeavor or partnership, or any enterprise and you're looking to engage in some sort of customer service or client representation, the key is to have good people. Without good people, it's never going to work. So what I've done both in the law firm, and now tried to do with the brokerage is to assemble a great team. Thankfully, we've been successful on both fronts. And with regard to client representation, there are some similarities that have helped from the law firm that we can bring to real estate brokerage. Generally speaking, one of the key aspects of representing clients is to know your audience, know your particular circumstances that have unique situations, and bring to bear on the particular situation, how you can best advance your client's interests in that situation.  That's really true whether you're doing business litigation, you're selling an apartment building, or you're running a law practice. 

It has also been very important for me to maintain an open line of communication with all my colleagues at Greenwich Bay Brokers - so that they are aware of not only their individual roles and responsibilities within our system but also the responsibilities they share collectively as a team.

A passion for helping others

We are a group of people with a passion for helping others. We want to make the world a better place and do it by helping our clients buy or sell their homes. Every day, we help people find their new homes and start the next chapter of their life. Helping others is what drives us. We love working together as a team to find solutions for our client's real estate needs. And here at Greenwich Bay Brokers, that's just what we do: We're your go-to partner when it comes to finding the perfect house or selling your current property. Whether you're looking for affordable homes, luxury estates, waterfront property, or something else entirely, there's no one better than GBB. Contact us today!

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