Picking Paint Colors For Your Home Doesn't Have To Be Daunting.

Picking Paint Colors For Your Home Doesn't Have To Be Daunting.

  • Jennifer Cosgrove
  • 11/20/22

You’ve finally decided it’s time to paint the walls of your home. Now, the real question is what color? When choosing a color, you want to choose one that makes you happy every time you walk into the room. However, picking a paint color can be extremely difficult without knowing what colors go well together or how to create complementary colors on your own—don’t worry; I have all of that covered for you! Here are some tips and tricks to help you pick the perfect paint color for your home.

Make a sample board

If you aren't sure where to start, it may help to pick a few paint color samples together along with any inspiration photos or fabric samples you might have. This can help you see not only how the colors work together, but if they complete the look and feel you are hoping for. Your sample board could be as simple as a poster board, a corkboard, or a magnet board on the wall. Use whatever you have available to best display everything you need to visualize. 

You can cut out pictures from magazines or take photos from your favorite sites such as Pinterest. Add pictures of any decorative items you are looking to add as well. You may want to take some photos of your current room to help you envision which changes to make. It can also be nice to have a before and after. Put your board in different spots around the room if possible to get an idea of what the room will look like before making any big decisions.

Determine the feeling you want to evoke

Depending on which room you are painting, you may want to bring about a completely different look and feel, for instance, your master bedroom versus your children's bedroom. Or, you may want the whole home to have cohesion throughout. Using your sample board, you can bring together your ideas and determine which one best creates the feeling you are looking for. If you are making a room more comfortable, consider earth tones like browns, tans, and beige or some light blue or green - anything that is reminiscent of nature will help make your space more relaxing. Make a room more lively by choosing bright yellows, oranges, or reds (or any vibrant colors). 

You can also make it cozy by choosing warm whites, grays, and black. Painting your ceiling white makes a room seem brighter and bigger while painting it a dark color makes the ceiling seem lower. Warm colors may make spaces feel cozier while cool colors can give an airy vibe. If you don't know where to start, try neutral shades. These colors work well in most rooms and allow you to switch up your decor with pillows, throws, or furniture without changing the color palette in your room entirely.

Get samples from the store

Once you narrow down your style, it can be helpful to bring home a few paint samples and try them in the space. Some colors can look completely different once you see them in the room versus in the store, especially if your room gets mostly natural light. The best way to know is to make sure you get some samples and paint them on the walls inside of your house or apartment. If you can, allow for different times of day and different types of light to make sure it's the color and shade you want. Hold up your fabrics to the sample and make sure your furniture, floor, and floor coverings all work with the color. 

Make sure that the color will make a room more comfortable by either making it feel warmer or cooler. Be careful not to pick a color that will make the room feel smaller or larger than intended. If choosing a vibrant or dark color, you may be able to create the illusion of a larger or smaller room depending on which walls you paint.

Don't be afraid to paint a room black!

One color that might be overlooked a lot of the time is black. People are afraid to use black, and in certain rooms, it can really provide a very interesting aesthetic to the room that wouldn't be otherwise felt. For example, in our bathroom, we painted it black. It provides a very modern, cozy feeling and a spa-like feeling. It brings a sense of calm that other areas of your house might not have. So when you're looking to create an oasis or an area that you want to feel hugged by, one of the colors you may choose to use is black. Don't be afraid, whether it's an accent wall or you're using it in the whole room. It can be a game-changer and an absolute beauty when you're all finished.

Black will also bring out any other colors you are using in the room, so it's a great way to feature some beautiful brushed brass hardware or a pop of color in your decor. 

Use a color wheel to find complementary colors

Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel, but they can work well together. They are easier on the eyes because they give each other a natural balance of dark and light hues. It is best to use complementary colors in small doses in order to make a room more comfortable, rather than overwhelming it with two clashing tones. For example, if you have chosen blue as one of your favorite colors, try combining it with orange or yellow. You might also want to make an accent wall in that complementary color by painting an entire wall (or just parts) with that hue. Doing so can make the space seem warmer while still bringing a touch of energy and excitement into the room. Using wallpaper on a feature wall that includes complementary colors may also be a way to bring in some pops of color without making it feel too overwhelming. Just make sure the pattern compliments the rest of the design elements in the room. 

So if you're feeling overwhelmed about picking a paint color, just remember to start with creating a vision for what you want and figure out the feeling you'd like to evoke. From there, bring home samples and test them out. Take your time and make sure to look at all other design elements in the room to find just the right color for your home!

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