Meet Broker Owner Sean O'Leary

Meet Broker Owner Sean O'Leary

  • Greenwich Bay Brokers
  • 08/5/22

Sean O'Leary here from Greenwich Bay Brokers. I want to take a little bit of time today to talk about my background. I grew up in Rhode Island, in West Warwick. I went to Bishop Hendricken High School and from there I went to Boston College and eventually went to law school here in Rhode Island at Roger Williams University.

I spent a year clerking on the Rhode Island Supreme Court. And from there, I went to New York City and practiced law in Manhattan for about a decade. For the bulk of that time in Manhattan, I was engaged in the practice of litigation, worked on a number of great cases, had extraordinary experiences. But like a lot of us, Rhode Islanders, who may leave for a bit, of course, I came back. Among other things, I came back to to practice law, which I've done with my father for the last 12 or so years. My father's practice always was real estate related and as I came back, I kind of merged a lot of my litigation experience with the practice of real estate. And at this point, I do a lot of real estate litigation, which involves, in often cases, keeping my clients out of litigation.

As the years have gone on, I've done a lot more closing both commercial and residential work. And about seven years ago it was just a natural fit that I would become a real estate broker. So while still engaged in the practice of law, I founded Greenwich Bay Brokers and it's been an extraordinary experience. Again, a lot of the things I've learned, both in litigation, keeping people out of litigation, real estate closings, often how deals are put together - I've been able to incorporate in my broker work and we've been fortunate enough here at Greenwich Bay Brokers to bring in a lot of very talented agents.

We've really grown the business and now we're at a point here seven years later, where we're really able to serve the entire state of Rhode Island. We've also become licensed in Massachusetts and Connecticut, as we've had a great need for both buyers and sellers crossing state lines, coming in to Rhode Island, and selling in other states.

At this point, we've become more or less a regional firm that serves southern Rhode Island. We cater to Rhode Island quite a bit in our coastal communities, which is really our specialty. We live here, we love it and we sell it. So we'd love to do the same for you and look forward to hearing from you.

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